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To do these activities, click on the link and wait for the page to load. Then click on file, page setup to make sure you have your margins set to .5" all around and "portrait" orientation so that the pictures will fit on the page. Then click on file, print and ok (or click on the button with the picture of the printer on it). (Make sure your printer is turned on and has paper loaded.) To return to this page for more fun, click on the 'Back' button of your browser.

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Fishing Safety Tips

  • Always wear your life preserver jacket when fishing in a boat and even along shore, you could fall in!

  • Make sure you have a first aid kit in your boat or some basic first aid supplies in your tackle box in case of an emergency.

  • Bring along bug repellent, sunscreen and lots of water on a hot day.

  • If your parents allow you to go fishing alone, never go anywhere with a stranger and make sure your parents know where you are at all times. Try to find a buddy to go fishing with--it's safer and more fun.

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