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"Daryl Christensen is not a novice either as a professional fisherman or a writer and speaker. His expertise is demonstrated by extensive quotations in books, magazines and other media. You will enjoy reading it and learning from it."

Ray Anderson, Editor


29 Short Stories of Fishing And Faith

by Daryl Christensen - Professional Angler Nicknamed
"Jigmeister" by In-Fisherman Magazine

The year was 1988 and I was 39 years old. I won two tournaments that year, made more money than I had ever made before, did commercials on national television, was asked to write a book on fishing, secured sponsorships for the following year and was flying high as a kite. Yet, when autumn came and the season was over, the goblins of discouragement and depression came knocking at my door. I was drinking more than ever and I had a hole in my heart that you could drive a bass boat through. I couldn't understand why...


The son of an accomplished fly fisherman and grandson of a lifelong baitshop owner, Daryl Christensen grew up on the Fox River in Montello, WI where he honed his skills at an early age. By the time he was 10-years old, he was guiding anglers for bass, walleyes, catfish and panfish from his grandfather's baitshop while learning the art of fly-fishing for trout in area streams from his father.

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