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Second Place ~ River Country Bassmasters Frigid Open ~ April 2009

Mobridge, SD ~ First Day Takeoff ~ May, 2008

Aikens Lake 2007

Daryl with wife, Sherry, at the PWT Realtree Pro-Am in Russell Springs, Kentucky on June 3, 2005
~ celebrated 34th wedding anniversary in 2005 ~

Thank you for the encouraging phone calls, letters and e-mails. They really mean a lot to me. Here is a small sample of the comments I have received:

From amateur PWT fishermen:

"Thank you for the fine day of fishing. I believe that I learned more, and had more reinforcement of things that I already knew, than any other day of PWT fishing. The 'easy' ride, your superb equipment and your timely decision-making combined to make it a day to remember."


"Thanks for treating me with respect. I wish more pros treated me like you did."


From seminar audience members and readers of my books:

"Just a note to thank you for the most informative seminar at Norton's Dry Dock. I tried your jig yesterday... 5 walleyes. Nothing to it.... Thanks again for the tips."


"My son and I want to thank you for sharing your techniques and strategies at the Madison Fishing Expo. When we got home I started reading your book Journal of a Walleye Pro and later Walleye Jigging Tips. I have to tell you I could not put them down--I felt like I was in the boat with you anticipating every bite and feeling every disappointment. Both excellent books. Thank you and good luck this year !!"

--Jerry & Jon

"Your book was an incredible inspiration to my dream of achieving a goal in a career in this sport, which seems to be an unrealistic destination for most fishermen."


"Great book!! I read it cover to cover in one day."


"Journal of a Walleye Pro is a vivid depiction of a day in the life of a Pro Angler. A book you can't put down. This is the type of book that almost anyone can find an interest in. If fishing is not your game, well the author describes how God has affected his life. But if you are a fisherman, then this book is a must. It takes you through moments of dealing with 5-foot waves and the stresses of making a living fishing and how Daryl's life of pro fishing has affected the rest of his family. I wish there were more books like it. Thanks Daryl."


From a personal fishing instruction "student":

"Thanks again for all the info, insights and tips you shared with me yesterday. I certainly gained more knowledge in one day with you than I probably would have in several seasons of trial and error fishing on my own. Finding the 'spot on the spot' and then fine tuning your presentation to local weather and water conditions is obviously key to fishing success and you only reaffirmed that."


From acquaintances:

"We need help down here [in Kansas City] and I wish you would come and help us catch more walleye.... I ordered your book on jig fishing [Walleye Jigging Tips]. I like how you go into detail, describing even the smallest details."


"I think Daryl is what a professional should be. I met him in Bismarck at the championship and had the opportunity to bend his ear. Great guy."


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